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Squats and Eating


Not back squatted for a while because it tends to make my thighs too bulky compared to my upper body, probably the opposite to most people. But its not all good, my knees are nearly the same width as my thighs, I ain't got fancy lookin legs.

Got back into the back squats after a long while deadlifting and doing overhead squats. After first workout on the back squats I did a moderate weight 4 sets total, just 15 reps x 308lbs (3 wheels with euro 44lb plates) four times. This was yesterday. Today I've been practically eating the carpet. Plus awful soreness in the legs, and my calorie intake and supplementation is good.

Anyone else find this desire to eat a shed load more after a back squat workout ? Anyone got on ok with squats on a reduced calorie diet ?

I don't get this desire to eat like a horse after doing deadlifts or overhead squats, the honus of the squat weight gain mechanism must surely revolve on stimulating the appetite.


I eat a horse after every compound lifting session, so I don't know that I'm on the same page as you there. Just a question, what do you deadlift?


I would personally think the fact you did 15 reps of 308lbs would stand out to me for the awful pain in your legs, especially if your just getting back into it... as for eating a lot after a compound exercise, definetly! I cant seem to find something that doesnt look good to eat, if i turned it down earlier , im licking the last bit off the plate


I'm not sure of 1RM's in Squat or DL as I avoid the chance of hurting myself finding out these days. I think when I was last doing squats I did a triple with about 505 and the deadlift I did about the same for 5 or 6.

If I use straps I can get about 60lb more, but I dont get on with them. MAx DL is more than Squat for sure. Typically I was doing 398lbs for sets of 9 or 10 with some in reserve and that was whacking me for six recovery wise. But less appetite stimulation than doing back squats.