Squats and DOMS

Hey guys! I’m wondering what everybody’s experience has been with DOMS after a squat workout. I’ve always had DOMS really bad after I do squats. My last workout was on Friday and I am still limping - and I only did 2 work sets after my warm-up. The other main problem is that the DOMS is entirely in my right leg - my left leg has felt fine for two days. Everytime I go back, my poundages and reps go up but I’m still concerned. I do squats to parallel and I usually vary my stance (width, toe position, etc.). Any ideas?

Experiencing DOMS in only one leg sounds very odd. Is this common? If it is, I suggest switching over to lunges and unilateral movements and evaluating your strength on those movements. Either your left leg is weak and the right leg is doing all the work and experiencing DOMS or your right leg is weak and your left leg is much stronger, thus the right leg is working at a greater percent of one rep max. If you find a significant strength imbalance, use the unilateral exercises in limping stage 1 to bring the other leg up to speed.

Try some Ian King Moves!Do the One legged squats to make sure you’re hitting each leg equal.Try some of Paul Cheks suggestions(tape your lower back,drop a plum line between you legs)to make sure you’re not leaning to one side.This will cause some problems,your weight will go up until BANG,something goes!

Most likely scar tissue. Get it worked on.

The fact that you’re varying your stance each time may be contributing to the soreness. Having soreness on one side only is rather curious.