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Squats and DL, What First?


What should i do first in my workout Dead Lifts or Squats?



Squat first. There might be a reason to DL first but I can't think of any good one. The squat AND dl are limited by the back not the legs. Some BBers do hams first before quads, not a bad idea if your hams are weak, but the DL is not all hams.

Squat then DL. Very few actually do them in the same workout BTW. I do becuase I have to in a meet.



For me there is some sort of priming effect. After one or two sets of heavy deadlifts and a fifteen minute rest, I can squat more weight than I normally can. It doesn't work the other way around though.


It is the opposite for me. If I squat first, it tightens up my abs and I deadlift better. My warmup for a max dead would be to squat a few sets.


I squat first. Though I prefer front squats to back squats if I'm doing both squats and deads in the same workout.


If you have to do both in one workout, start with the one you feel technically more difficult and/or need higher concentration.

It is difference from one person to another. Some find squat easier to DL, some find the other way.

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