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Squats and Deads


Ive been doing a new routine for the past little while that ive been liking. My Strong points are shoulders and legs. And my weaknesses are chest and arms, so its been helping.

Chest/Side Delt
Military Press/Arms
Legs = Just Squats

Ive noticed im pretty drained after back, especially because I do deads as last back exercise. I lose the pump and dont get much out of working forearms or rear delts. Im not competing and my legs are naturally big (26.5"), so on leg days I only do squats (just to not have weak legs). I was wondering if on that day doing Squats followed by deads would work? I typically dead and squat around the same weight of 350-400lbs.


if your doing both then i would focus at one a month or a few weeks at a time and maybe speed work for the other one or at least quite a bit lighter weight used for the second one


You already posted a thread like this, you had several answers.