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Squats and Deads


Ive been doing a new routine for the past little while that ive been liking. My Strong points are shoulders and legs. And my weaknesses are chest and arms, so its been helping.

Chest/Side Delt
Military Press/Arms
Legs = Just Squats

Ive noticed im pretty drained after back, especially because I do deads as last back exercise. I lose the pump and dont get much out of working forearms or rear delts. Im not competing and my legs are naturally big (26.5"), so on leg days I only do squats (just to not have weak legs). I was wondering if on that day doing Squats followed by deads would work? I typically dead and squat around the same weight of 350-400lbs.


Squatting and deadlifting on the same day is not a good idea imo. If anything i'd have a good 2-3 days rest inbetween doing either.

They're both extremely taxing compound lifts that if done properly take it all out of you.
You mention chest is a weak point yet you're only hitting once a week yet you're hitting shoulders twice, which is a strong point?? You're call.

Move dead's to the beginning of your back workout, and add some hamstring work on your leg day! You dont want to end up with huge quads and non existant hammies. And if aesthetics arent your thing, do it for your deadlift. You'll eventually stop progressing in the dead due to weak hammies.


You said your drained after back, but want to add squats? I'm sure that was a typo.

I suggest, moving forearms to leg day, since al you do is squat. Throw in some lunges, single leg squats or something with squats.

You could also throw rear delts on leg day if you decide to only do squats. Would be designed almost like hss-100 for shoulders.

Not sure what arm day is, so I guess its just biceps and triceps? No other shoulder work other than the ohp. So it could work.

A lot of people do the "strong lift" last. Personally I think you should do your strength work first. Try doing deads first instead of last one week and go from there.

Try to train your work capacity. Increase your ability to train at a higher volume.