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Squats and Deads in the Same Session!


That if you can do both in one session your not trying hard enough in the first one!

I started out training at the end of June. First time seriously hitting the weights, mainly to lose weight. So far i've dropped close to 85lbs (from 334 to 251 now) still around 28-30%bf however.

I've been managing recently to do Squats and Deads in the same session, my squat is around 295lbs (135kg) for a 5-6RM and my deadlift is a 352lb (160kg) 1RM or 320lb (145kg) 5RM.

Most of my progress has come by using a full-body weights routine, started off with 3x10 and 3x5 for heavy days. Now switched properly to 5x5, with the odd 3x10 day thrown in.

Today I opened up with Squats, as I have done for many many workouts, decided to go with what I now know is my 6RM for squat, 295lb and go for the 25 reps (using 5x5). Now with 3x10 or 3x5 I could easily go and deadlift a weight suitable to the amount of reps I was doing (so about 115kg for 10 or 145 for 5's), almost straight after (I do my dips in between now).

Today I could barely lift the 1st warm up weight for 5! I managed two reps at 110 (75% warm up) before I realised there was no way i'd be doing anything constructive.

So I guess today was a lesson learnt. Rotate Squats and Deadlifts.Does that ring true for most people? My initial thought is open up with Squats or Deads alternate workouts.

How many sets should I be looking at for Deadlifts, still 5x5 @ 5-6RM? I've seen some articles saying to warm up, then 1 set of 5 at work weight then done with DL's. Any reasoning, or just BS?


Congrats on your progress so far.

In my opinion, your logic is right on. Doing both heavy deads AND heavy squats in the same session is not ideal. I'm sure some people out there may advocate this, I would alternate using them as you suggested.

As sets of deadlifts, there is no "should" - as in, you SHOULD do x amount. Do whatever your program/goals require and switch it up once progress begins to stall.


I squat and DL on the same day. But not at the same intensity level. You can also rotate.


I squat and deadlift on the same day as well.

It CAN be done.


What this means is that you, individually, have not yet trained yourself to be able to do much on the deadlift after having done, in this example, 5 sets of squats.

At the present time as you do not want to short yourself on your deadlifts, doing deadlifts on a different day than squats makes perfect sense. If on a 7 day rotation I would schedule it such that there are 3 inbetween days between DL's and squats and 2 between squats and DL's. E.g. if squats are on Friday, DL's on Monday.

However as a general matter, no, a person can definitely be trained to be able to work very hard at both in the same day. Whether this is better for them than dividing them or not depends on other factors, not on any inherent undoability.

For example, the Westside powerlifters squat and deadlift (or do or deadlift-type exercises) in the same day and are not exactly failing in strength development from it.


following starting strength, i perform squats followed later by deads on specific days. obviously, i can lift more if i performed deadlifts on their own day, but ive found greater strength increases following both on the same day.
in saying that, im still lifting relatively light weights, so my body probably doesnt undergo as much strain as others with heavier loads :slightly_smiling:


As said I used to Squat and DL on the same day, just at different intensity levels, the squat was less weight for few reps.

Perhaps if I heavy squatted on day and reletively light DL'd (around 100/110kgs) and then lighter Squat load the next session (again around 100/110kg) with the heavier set of deadlifts later that session. Basically split up the intensity level over the sessions.

My program splits up as

Mon-Full Body Weights
Tues-HIIT cardio (30 mins max)

Any suggestions?


I rotate squats and deads on different days. But just do what works best for you. If you see results, continue. If you don't, change it.


I recently was in the same predicament as you. Since I hadn't progressed in the dead in a while and wanted to focus on posterior chain, I chose the deadlift as my main lower body exercise. I'll do light front squats on Tuesdays and go as heavy as I can with deadlifts on Saturdays. I don't expect any unrealistic carryover from my dead to my back squat, but I do expect my back squat to not regress, and since deadlift is my priority right now, that is totally fine. You might just have to prioritize which lift you want to progress in more?

And I'm not quite sure Westside guys do both in the same day. The very essence of their methodology is to pick ONE main lower lift and go balls to the wall on ME day with it. They might supplement a really heavy squat day with speed deads though... but in general I'm pretty sure they only do one of the lifts at max intensity per lower workout.


I squat and deadlift almost every workout. Doing them back to back sucks so space it out with something else. Rep out some pull-ups and let your lower back and hamstrings rest. I do starting strength so I mostly squat, bench and dead. The bench really serves as a much needed break.