Squats and Deadlifts

Hi, I’m a collegiate track athlete (sprints) and for my 2nd cycle of my weight program, I’m thinking about doing Squats once a week and moving deadlifts in and doing them 2 times a week. Would it be beneficial to me to bring in the deadlifts into my training program (seeing that I never really did them that much, I usually do them about once a year for a few weeks) Im trying to keep an open mind right now and wondering if my squat numbers would go down if I were to put the squat on the back burner and focus on the deadlift for about 4 weeks.

Yes its a great idea to bring them in. Seeing as you dont do them often you are SURE to see an immediate impact for the better from there use.

Squat #'s go down. NO!! If anything I would say they would go up. The DL’s will really nail that lower back, core hams and gluts which should help. Plus simply the pull from a dead stop at the bottom shuld help the lower end of your squat a bit, helping you keep that chest up and back arched.

Go for it,

I think you would be better off doing deads every 3rd squat day rather than as a primary exercise every week. Deads can beat you down pretty quick. I always do some form of deads each week but only pull for heavy singles once a month if not less. i lke to use deads as a test of my strength I’ve gained if you know what I mean. Try rack pulls or pulls off a elevated box, or even speed pulls against bands if you can.