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Squats and Deadlifts in Just Socks?

I have started to do these two exercises in their various forms (front squat, hack squat, snatch deadlift, normal dead etc) in socks dispensing with my trainings.

The difference in feeling is that I feel more connected with the ground so I can really focus on pushing the weight through the quads and into the lower back and visa versa.

However I was questioned by someone as to whether it was actually a good idea. This is owing to the fact that a shoe gives structural support to the foot, ie not allowing it to spread.

Obviously I don’t want to end life as a cripple because I was doing 110kg deadlifts and 80kg squats in my socks instead of shoes. Any sourced knowledge would be much appreciated.

“doing 110kg deadlifts and 80kg squats”
I’d get concerned when you triple the weight.
DL is done by PLers in very flimsy “shoes” so pobably no issue there.
However the squat may be more prone to give you issues as you have to walk (unless you’re on a monolift) the weight out to some degree thus at some stage you’ll be on one foot; hence doubling the load on that foot.

i do standing calf raises with no shoes. they get all slippery on the platform.

Give the human body a bit more credit. If you are squatting and deadlifting with good form, and lifting raw, you are not going to use enough weight to hurt your feet. Even geared, most lifters are never going to get heavy enough to even have to worry.

I do the bulk of my deadlifting barefoot, but do prefer shoes for squats.

I do both exercises in my socks and have never had a problem. I feel like its easier to push through the heels without shoes simply because most shoes are usually on a slight angle with the heel being up a little higher

alot depends on the persons feet. the arch of the foot is different for some it gives a problem also the heels may be a problem for some,espacially if they have heel spurs.but for the most part people in general dont have trouble.maybe some of the trainers will chime in on this.

I’ve read several things about barefoot training actually correcting screwed-up arches and foot issues. Your feet are designed to support and hold your body by using all those little muscles. Shoes with tons of support actually lead to muscle atrophy in some of the foot muscles (again, according to what I’ve read).

I presently train in Nike “Free” shoes, which are a good compromise between barefoot and regular sneakers. They offer cushioning, but little in the way of support. If my gym did not require shoes, I would like to train barefoot.

I just started doing both DL and squats in my socks or barefoot. I too like it better. I was going to buy some Chucks but too cheap to drop $40 on specific shoes when barefoot is free.

I have never bothered to wear shoes and rarely wear socks when I lift.

I ended up reading how it may be better, similar to how people shouldn’t use lifting gloves. I found that out years later actually, it was just habit because I don’t wear shoes or socks at home after work and why bother putting them on unless I am going to go on the treadmill.

Deadlifts are better done without shoes (unless they are DL shoes or something like ballet slippers). Squatting, I think depends. Are you doing Ass-to-the-grass? A lot of people would benefit from Oly lifting shoes for that. However, if you are flexible enough to do ATG squats in bare feet, go for it.

I like to lift without shoes. I got in trouble at my gym though. I ended up arguing with the trainer who claimed there are no muscles in the foot. (!)

However, even socks are worrisome given how disgusting foot infections are, and hard to get rid of. So I don’t blame them for requiring shoes.

I’ve been lifting barefoot for about 18 months now, have never lifted with shoes on. Nothing bad’s happened.

I did go up a shoe size and a width but I suspect my feet might have gotten bigger anyway even if I lifted in shoes. Just had to stretch out some of my cowboy boots.

If bolton can deadlift 1003 in socks without his feet exploding, I’d say its not too big a deal.
I do like the ankle support I get from my shoes when squatting wide though.

John Cena is also a big barefoot proponet for squats and DL’s.

I do deads with just socks. I think it helps for some reason. I used to use converse and then I just took them off and started pulling. It might shorten the ROM. Pulling in socks is a-okay in my book. Haven’t squatted though.

I’m surprised how many people lift in only their socks. That’s just plain weird. Even if you train at home at least put on some underwear, please.

I think you’ll find a better body by doing them in your socks or barefoot (if you trust the floor)

Too much time is spent in our shoes and we lose that contact with the ground. By using just your socks you’ll find that you’ll strenghten your feet and help build a more responsive foot/ankle/etc.

When I started going barefoot on these lifts I noticed I felt like I had a better contact with the ground when running. One of my track coaches even had us do some sprints in just socks. It helped to really focus on where we were on our feet (try running on your toes with no shoes vs the balls of your feet).

I think anyone who hasn’t tried it will be amazed at how different their feet/ankles feel after 1-2 months of lifting in your socks.

look at all the old school pics…often barefoot.

[quote]andersons wrote:
I like to lift without shoes. I got in trouble at my gym though. I ended up arguing with the trainer who claimed there are no muscles in the foot. (!)

However, even socks are worrisome given how disgusting foot infections are, and hard to get rid of. So I don’t blame them for requiring shoes.[/quote]

No muscles in the foot? Idiot trainers like that make other trainers look bad. What does he think moves your toes?

On a different note, I think doing barefoot squats/deads may improve my flexibility and my form. Sometimes I “cheat” when squatting and seem to drive with my balls of my feet–almost my toes–instead of the heels. Having my toes exposed may freak me out and force me to drive with my heels instead of leaning forward. Anyone notice something like this?

Fuckin’ Arnold would squat and do calves barefoot!