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Squats and Deadlift - Back "Pain" Normal?


For the first time in my life i did squats and deadlifts.
Both were 185 pounds for 3 sets of 5.
Was lots of fun :smiley: Definitely going to stick with it.
My bench sucks: 135 pounds.
I warmed up for all 3 exercises.

I felt this back “pain” (you feel it after the exercise, not during). Not pain like “omfg my back” but kind of that burning “overworked-soreness” pain. I felt it more during the deadlift.

I found this odd since i seem to be built to deadlift: very short legs, average length arm and torso.
However deadlifting felt too easy. Even though im not sure i could have pulled more weight, it felt very “natural”.
When you deadlift, how is the stance different from squatting? I felt like deadlifting was kind of a mix between a 1/8 squat and a barbell row (in terms of starting position…i didnt pull the weight up).

I know i need to show you guys via video but i dont have a video camera, so until then…please advise :stuck_out_tongue:

Every time I’ve been a “beginner” at squats and deadlifts (as in hadn’t done them for 3 months previous), I always felt “the burn” in my lower back during the workout, I think that’s the lactic acid feeling. And most of the DOMS is in my lower back the two days after. My lower back just seems like naturally the weakest point in the posterior chain for 3 workouts or so if you haven’t been doing the movements. So your sensation doesn’t sound too dangerous, but I’m no expert that’s just my anecdotal experience.

Check out this:

Dan John on Oly lifts, Squats first, and deadlifts start at approximately 42:20.

Good luck.