Squats and Burning in Outer Thigh

I have been squatting for around 17 weeks now and progressing in weight nicely, had a long lay off I am now 43…

Well I have had an issue that is driving me nuts.

Times when I go to the store or walking around I get an intense burning sensation in my outer left thigh through the middle of the thigh?

I have read it could be sciatic but no back pain at all…

Is there a way to fix this or abate it?

Thank you for your time and attention.

True sciatica runs from the glutes to the toes, so I don’t think that this is your issue.

How long has this been happening? Does trunk flexion alleviate the pain? How long into the walk does the pain start? Any back injuries recent or prior?any numbness, tingling, cold spots, or weakness in the same area?

Semper Fi

I have had sciatica on my right side before lower back but not in some time.

Sometimes I get a numb feeling in the quad but mostly it is a burning feeling, trunk flex does not, but if I cross my left foot against my right knee and stretch the left knee rearward it alleviates but temporary. I would say less than 5 minutes walking and it starts up most times.
I can not say weakness has ever been an issue there at all…

Thank you for your time :slight_smile: SF!

Almost forgot, it has been about 3 months now and tylenol does not help much…

Sounds like it could be greater trochanteric bursitis and IT band friction syndrome.

^^sounds like IT band allright, had it from time to time a bit of rolling and tennis ball shpuld help if its the same

I will give that a try thank you :slight_smile: