Squats Above Parallel

So, my friends have started the gym, and I am kinda coaching them through lifts. Its going okay, deadlift and bench there form is quite good, however they ALL squat high and I have no clue what to say to get lower because i doubt it is just a case of them needing to get lower, so wondering is there any queues i could give them to help them squat to paralell?

There aren’t many (if any) cues to get lower that I’m aware of. I believe that it’s a matter of flexibility which will translate to mobility when they have a bar on their backs. Loosening up the hips with lunges and the pigeon stretch before I squat or deadlift helps a lot. Doing it frequently (even on off days) is a good idea for them. Don’t neglect the hamstrings or quads either, but glutes and hips are important

Box squats…

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Box Squats like dis


Work on mobility. Also performing paused squats in the hole can help. First step is dropping the weight until proper depth can be reached. Ego has to be checked at the front door.

Goblet squats