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Squats - A2G


Hey guys quick question...
Is there a flexibility issue if I can't touch calf to hamstring without having my heels come off the ground at the lowest portion of A2G squats?


yes. getting lifting shoes would help or, failing that, put a 2.5 or 5 lb plate under your heels.

Stretch out your quads, hips, and hip flexors.


Yep. Mainly hip flexors and hammies.


In addition to the other leg muscles mentioned above, you can also do a simple check to see if your calf muscles are also overly tight:

Put a heavy dumbbell on the floor. Stick your foot under the handle and try to lift it up by raising your foot (keep your heel on the floor). The weight should be heavy enough such that you can move it, but not pick it fully off the floor. Hold it for 5 seconds pulling bloody hard. Switch feet. Repeat. This will forcible relax (and thus make more pliable) your calf muscles, assuming they were indeed tight to begin with.

Now try A2G squat. If you can hit bottom then you know your calf muscles were tight and thus part of the problem.

I do this "dorsiflexion" exercise before doing overhead squats. I find it helps me go lower, the problem being partly due to my calf muscles (getting old doesn't help much either...).

Note: static stretching of calf muscles doesn't seem to help as much as the above "reciprocal inhibition" method.

If you try it (and you gotta admit, it is easy!), please let me know if it helps. :slight_smile:




That is an awesome tip. THANKS!