Squats 3 Times a Week, Is This Programmed Well?

I’m currently running 5/3/1 + BBB and thinking of adding a third squat session for sake of frequency.

My current training days:

Monday: Squats + Jokers + 1 AMRAP FSL
Tuesday: Bench

Thursday: Deadlift + BBB squats (13 week challenge - 5x10 @ 60% of TM)
Friday: OHP

After BBB challenge is complete, I’d like to continue BBB for volume and also add another squat session on Friday/OHP, 5x3 @ 80% of TM.

I won’t train Saturdays and Sundays as those two days are obligated for getting things done outside of training.

Is this perfectly sane? I can’t think of another way to program a 3rd squat session during the week.

Note: I deload every 4th week. So I wouldn’t be doing BBB nor a 3rd squat session when on squat deload. Just the prescribed sets according to 5/3/1.

You’re already doing 531 BBB, plus jokers, plus an extra AMRAP set. What do you think adding more is going to achieve?

More is not better, better is better, more is just more.

Edit: looking at your set up, i do actually see a value in doing some light goblet squats or something on the Friday as a tonic/recovery workout after Thursdays BBB work to flush some blood into the muscles.


BBB is for bodyweight gain; not frequency. Don’t turn it into something it isn’t


Thanks for your input!

That may in fact be a good idea. Adding an alternative squat for light work.

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I don’t think adding more work is going to make you stronger, but it might help you recover faster and keep some of the soreness and tightness at bay.

I know the books have templates where you squat 3 times a week and here’s a template you may want to base your programming on.

He doesn’t use BBB for frequency but some of the programmes have a lot of squatting.


Morningstar is a great program that has you squatting three times a week.