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Squatless Lower Body Workouts


Anyone have any good non-squat lower body workouts they like to mix things up with?




Basically. Deadlifts, lunges, sissy squats (NOT a true squat), leg presses, good mornings, and leg extensions.


you could try a snatch grip deadlift from a deficeit


Step-ups, lunges, inverse hack squat, leg press (try some isometric holds), deads and/or sldl.


I just pushed a truck around for a hour or so...does that count?


Lots of good ones above. Walking lunges are my current favorite. I use DBs to give my spine a break from loading.


Not unless it was was braked and full of dead fish.


It was in neutral, but my fat lifting buddy was sitting inside....close enough?


Good thinking, that way your pwo meal is ready right there after you are done.


Does he smell bad like dead fish?


Only when he passes out in the squat rack. I guess I should have gone for the dead fish.


Squat rack cheat curls?

EDIT: and milk....


Que? What I do is basically do extremely high volume in order to compensate for the loss of the squat. 4-6 working sets plus 2-4 drop sets on the leg press and hack squat machine.

Followed by high rep lunges and finished off with the leg extension. Hams: the basics really. Lying leg curl, and straight legged deads. I think you work them plenty if you use the leg press so I only do 2-3 exercises for hams really concentrating on working them.


3 sets leg press
3 sets lunges
3 sets leg curl


How about squats.... oh wait.

Step Ups
Stiff Legs
Leg Press
Leg Extension
Leg Curl
SG Deadlifts
Split Squats



Squatless lower body workouts!!! (Gasp) You mean there is such a thing?


Walking lunges with a 60lb weight vest, do a lap or two around a BB court. If your legs are not on fire by the end of half a lap add more weight.


How about some sprinting?


Why not squats?