Squating Woes

Here’s my deal, I’ve a has been power lifter going through mid-life crises and have the urge to compete again. Back in the day I competed at 198lbs and squated 600, I’ve been training for PL the last 4-5 months and my squat has hit a wall, I deadlifted 495X3 and it feels great, definitely coming along, but my squat is horrible I did 405x3,3,4 today and if felt like Shite, forms good and I buried 'em but it just isn’t coming together.

So my question is what has been successful for you PLer’s out there and any kind of kick start advice would be appreciated, I’m at 220 now and am no where near the weights I lifted at 198 12 years ago, I want to at least get back to the upper 500s if I can.

Thanks for the help

good mornings…good mornings…good mornings…when you can gm 500 you can sq 500 very easy…to me the gm is the key movement to build the squat…use all varities and all bars…the suspended gm’s work best fo rme…bm