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SquatDr Interview

I found an interesting interview with squatdr! Check it out:


cool…im confused though was SquatDr a shitty/mediocre athlete to start with regarding vert height etc.
or has he naturally always had a much higher vert on average, and coupled with real good training got his vert to the upper limits?

he had about a 34 inch vertical jump in his first year at University according to a newspaper internet article. That may have been after some training though. He started training at 17

And he couldn’t dunk

So even then he made some massive gains over the years :slight_smile:

Quote from Alan from a while back

my squat was just over 400 lbs not too long ago and my vert not much over 30, so you can make huge gains. hardwork, research, clean diet, and listening to your body will all help you get what you are looking for

Man you got all his quotes don’t you :wink:

I’m a big fan of the SquatDr
Nice find!

matrick, you didnt find that interview… haha :wink: