hey guys i’m new here,

I just wanted to get some feedback from veteren trainers. I’ve been lifting and sprinting for about 5 years now. And whenever i try to use a standard rep/set approach to train I end up overtrained and way out of my comfort zone with little to show for my efforts. But now I’m dropped all the complicated stuff and have picked a simple tough weight of 225 for me and am doing workouts every three to four days in which i slowly increase the total reps i do until the weight starts to feel light and i reach a given number of reps. At which point I move up in weight and repeat the process. I like this method since it doesn’t severely tax my body and i steadily make gains. Just wanted to know what other people felt about trainng with fixed poundages for long periods of time?


I see your profile indicates that you are a ‘personal trainer’…is that true?


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Seems to me that many of the old time strong men trained in this fashion. I think there were some old time “Milo” Barbell courses that explain this method.

They would pick a weight and begin with five repetitions. They would keep the weight the same until they were able to do 10 repetitions. At that point they would add five or ten pounds drop the reps back to five and begin again.

Asad, Welcome to the Forum ! What you and ZEB said is definitely right. Another possibility is to choose a proper training cycle,let’s say 3 months. At the 1st workout begin the Squat with 80-85% load of your best performance and execute the reps. Then at each subsequent workout try to add a small weight (even just 2 lbs) and perform the same number of reps. Try to end your cycle with a Squat performance of 5-10% better than the previous one.
Hope that helps !