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after squatting anywhere from my 1-4 rep max, i get this weird ‘tingling’ in my right knee…it bothers the crap out of me, it doesnt really hurt its just some weird sensation and kinda feels real tight/kinda burning… anyone get some symptoms after squatting heavy besides soreness? or does it sound like im in trouble?


I’m not sure man, but I was just thinking of this when I saw your post…I was going to post a question on the validity of the following statement, but now is a good time…

you know, seriously, I’ve been informed (by some m.a.instructors) not to do squats because of the possible damage to the knees…one of them “blew out a knee” (whatever that means exactly). They suggest lunges…

can anyone give advice to me too?

anyone who tells you not to squat is an asswipe!

If you have previous knee injuries, don’t squat full is recommended, unless you start light and are looking to strengthen it. If you’re not worried about knee injuries/old enough to wipe your own ass, squat all the way down.

^^ This pretty much sums up what I’ve been told, but if you’re one of those wussies that needs proof, Ian King has written an article about it, and in his programs recommends deep squats.

I agree, squats WHEN DONE CORRECTLY are uncomparable in their leg developement capabilities. About your knee man, i would go see a doctor just to be safe. It could be serious, maybe nothing but better to fix it now than blowing out a knee or something down the road.

I have some advice.
Dont ever take advice from anyone that teaches Kung Fu.
At least when it comes to nutrition, weight training, cardio, fashion advice or actual fighting.

thanks for replies, ya my squat technique is pretty good and i go almost ass to the floor, it seems to ‘only’ happen when i do heavy squats, if i do 8-12 reps i dont get it but when i do 4 reps heavy like ive been doing, i get that feeling usually last 2 days or so… i guess ill have to schedule a doctor appointment later on in the day after i squat harD :slight_smile:

it only happens to my right knee so ya thats probably an indication of some kind of problem.


The people that tell you not to do squats are the ones that dont know how to do them properly. Describing the correct form is more difficult than showing someone. If you’re doing them incorrectly then knee problems may occur. I would see a physio to be sure.

great link passed on to me about depth of squat.


quote from the article (by Marc McDougal)
“The knee has four main protective ligaments that keep the femur from displacing on the tibia (ACL, PCL, MCL, LCL). These four ligaments are most effective at their protection during full extension and full flexion. Full extension would be when you are standing; full flexion would be when there is no daylight between your hamstring and your calf. When the knee is at 90 degrees of flexion (the halfway point), these four ligaments are almost completely lax and cannot exert much if any of a protective force at the knee (Zatsiorsky V. Kinematics of human motion. 1998 - published by Human Kinetics - p.301).”

It could be a tumor! :wink: