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Squat Yoke Ver. 2

I got alot of feedback and some requests from Bodybuilders to make a more purpose built Yoke for simply doing Front Squats…Well…I made one and like the first the damn thing is really functional…its all in how wide the surface area is of this large diameter tubing…it really spreads the load nicely…I was really amazed after doing about 50 reps shooting photos and stuff how amazingly comfy this thing was…if you look at it what I was doing was pushing way out on the handles as I went down and then pulling back in on the way up…it rolls the weight really nicely and evenly distributes the weight…no torn up delts or aching wrists…Ladies take notice as well…

I had a young lady who had never done a front squat raving how great they were…the other thing I noticed as I type this morning is how my legs are killing me…lol…I never went past 275 but the whole area above my knee and up the side of my leg is quite tender…lol…being a P/L’er I do not normally do too much narrow stance work and reps so this was a challenge…lol
Anyway…here it is…

Looks real solid but it looks to me like the pins should be a bit higher. Have tried the Sting Ray from Advanced Fitness for front squats. 275 for fronts is pretty damn good.


I agree with Sully’s - the pins are a bit low for a front squat and a bit high for a zercher position.

I’m sure it’s a great exercise, but a true front squat has the bar as high and close to the spine as possible.


I think I have some other pics around here as well…I have done 475 for doubles with my Zercher Yoke in the High bar position…the nice thing about this is to push out on the handles and it rolls the bar up and back…it gives you a bit more flexibility in terms of bar position which I think is important…I read a post by Iggy Shastikov a few years back about his front squats and thier benefits and have been working them hard ever since…I consider myself to be about as good a front squatter as anyone I know and I use a cross arm when I did them without a Yoke…I took that bar height and transfered it to the Yoke…perhaps the angle of the pic may be misleading you…I do tons and tons of Zerchers in a variety of forms so I am familiar with that one as well…They are without a doubt my favorite once I figured out how to do big weight without injury…the good thing about both of these Yokes is you can add bands and chains to your routine as well…try that freehand with over 500lbs…lol