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Squat vs DL Weight


I'm on the low-end of the totem-pole as it relates to Powerlifting; very young "training age" wrt to this sport.

My deadlift is fully 100lbs heavier than my squat....

My question is, what would this difference signal as a weakness that I should probably focus on in the coming months? Is it a quad, hamstring, or some other weakness? My sticking point in the squat is probably 2 or 3 inches once I get out of the hole.



We've just covered this topic. Everybody can DL more than they can squat. Without knowing the weights involved (a difference isn't enough to judge, ie is it 50% more or 10% more?) it's hard to evaluate. When squatting, your center of gravity is higher and you are using your body to balance more than in DL.


I must have missed that discussion...I'll search for it.
I realize there would be a difference, I just thought it might show a particular weakness to focus on.

Over 25% more.


If you can get started out of the hole as you say then your quads are probably fine, sounds to me like the culprit is weak hips, glutes, and hamstrings -- in that descending order. Hyperextensions, reverse hypers, glute ham raise, will get you past your sticking point. Also try doing partial squats in a power rack and set the pins so that the bar has to come to a stop 2-3 inches above the bottom of your hole. Come to a dead stop at the pins and then squat back up by pushing your pelvis out. squatting off a high box or bench may help also. That's my 2 cents


Ah, "Squat 1RM vs Deadlift 1RM" from 4/13-4/18. Thanks. Good discussion.

And thanks, robo1, for the tip above!



GET BALANCED!!!! a STRONG powerlifter can bench 2X his bdwt and squat and DL 3X bdwt- its that simple. Everyone starts off different, I started with a better SQ than DL due to a "badback" and just plain neglect.

Are your two movements the same? are you feet in the same position for the SQ and DL, or are you totally diff? SQ superwide and pull conventional?

What can you lockout from a powerrack on pins? are you strong on the top or bottom?

All comments mentioned and all make sense, personally I got good at goodmornings which I hated and it turned my deadlift into the feeling of doing a legpress, and I gained a few hundred pounds on it as well