Squat VS Deadlift

I just started Deadlifting for the first time on my own outside of my normal routine. So far Ive stuck with 4x8 at 255lbs, increasing by 5% when I can complete it. And damn, by the third set I feel like the tissue on my fingers is just getting shredded inside my skin. It doesnt hurt but it’s horrible feeling, they feel like mush when Im lifting the weight. Anyone have this same experience?

Da Boxer

Boxer-You need to get some callouses, bro! Don’t worry; they’ll come in time. Mine are so thick that I have to cut them off every few weeks. BTW, if you think 4x8 is tough, try 10x10.:slight_smile:

I think this has been addressed in the thread, but to be sure…

Your toes should be pointing out slightly for both the squat and the deadlift.

As it’s been explained to me, the knee is designed to rotate outward slightly in the bending movement. Having your toes out slightly facilitates the rotation, while toes straight forward inhibits the rotation, causing potential problems down the road.

Hope this helps…

T.E. Young

8 reps would be a maximum for me in the deadlift. I usually do a max of 6 reps in my powerlifts. Form is so important in these excercises because of the taxation of the lower back, thus lower reps and greater sets should be used. the same goes for squats and olympic lifts. laters pk

Boxer Al, I know the feeling… I’ve had it once when I forgot to bring my gloves to the gym. Horrible. I find that I get better grip with gloves (except maybe for olympic lifts), plus my hands don’t get shredded.

Ditch the gloves, especially for Oly lifts. If you need to, use straps, but not gloves.

Boxer-You should see the callouses on my forearms from doing stones. It’s a beautiful sight! Except to the general public, I suppose. hehe