Squat vs. Deadlift Weights

What is a good balance to shoot for between deadlift and squat weights? I can DL a good bit more than i can squat (i got a double with 400 on the deadlift fairly easy but struggle with getting 4 reps with 315 on the squat)

I realize i am built to pull more than squat but was just curious to know if this is that big of a difference. And also my butt seems to be the fastest growing bodypart on me, is there any way to minimize the glutes action in these lifts to target my hamstrings/quads?

Our numbers are nearly identical. I feel yer pain. I wanna squat more weight so bad that it consumes my thoughts.

Funny, my ass grows out of proportion also and easily balloons. I was told by my chiro that because I have chronic back (past herniated disc) problems, my glutes sometimes compensate and take some of the workload when I lift to carry the load of a weaker lower back. So in your case it might be that your glutes are taking over because of an imbalance.

Also I believe that posture may effect the growth of glutes. I don’t know the specifics but everyone has different a slightly different curve to their spine and this may have cause to create imbalances as well as certain muscles dominating or taking up the work load. Just my theory, this is not backed up by data that I am aware of. Just for some thought…