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Squat Video


Don't knowhow many of you guys have seen this. If it's been posted before sorry.

Some cool footage, especially of Platz at the end.




Nice video, squatting forges superheroes.


Haha, love the intro.



Pretty good. I think Platz was probably the most impressive. Funny thing is I don't know if any of them can do the one leg squats that the first guy did.


Platz was smiling halfway through! Makes me wanna go squat again!


Ronny was 6 plates. Appears to the casual observer "easy". Seem like all the the you tube movements we get him to see are "piston like" movements.


I would like to have that shirt Ronnies wearing


that ronnie bitch couldnt even stand up straight with what he was handling and didnt even break parallel


I still want to know what exercises Platz did to build up his cheek muscles. They nearly obscure his eyes when he smiles:-D


I reckon "the first guy" is beloved on this site Pavel T.



Pavel ain't so bad, he is actually strong.

He saw a niche and humped it all the way to the bank.


You guys see how Maurande just tossed the weight and fell out. Funny as hell. The best part.