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Squat Video


Got a minor PR of 413 lbs. at a meet on saturday. Technique analysis or suggestions from experienced lifters welcomed.



In a monolift, you have enough time to take your final breath BEFORE TAKING THE WEIGHT ON YOUR BACK. Once the weight's on your back, if you then exhale/inhale, you'll tend to decompress which can hurt your numbers. Also, you can get more air in your lungs unloaded than you can with 400+ pounds on your back.

Hope that helps...might seem minor, but as the weights get bigger, minor things start to matter more and more...might as well acquire habits like this BEFORE you're squatting with 7-800 pounds!


great job!
You've got a much narrower stance than i lift with.
That's about where i'm at right now but i would never get the weight up with a shoulder width stance.

what's your weight class?


Hey stonesanctus,

thanks for your response. I weighed in at 214 lbs.


Do you feel comfortable with the speed of descent? I like to drop faster.




I have tried speeding up my descent, but when i get to max attempts I revert back to the slow eccentric. Also, i find that quicker eccentrics really beat up my lower back.


Interesting you should say that - though the lift looked pretty good (slight hip rise before the shoulders, though), it was pretty evident that your low back is your primary weakness. Get that solid as a rock through HEAVY low back extensions on a pad and you'll be able to speed up the descent significantly.