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Squat Video Critique

Hey everyone,

This is my last set of the first week of my 2nd 531 cycle. (Crazy sentence???) I currently had to rebuild my squat since it never felt quiet right and moved my feet in some to about shoulder width, turned my feet back out some more (despite what Mr. Starrett says) and raised the bar on my back a bit…

This is 110kg/245lbs for a set of 5.

Any tips and advice is much appreciated especially on depth and butt wink, but on general technique as we’ll. I will also try to upload some more vids of my squat sessions in the next week and see how I progress…

Thanks in advance


sorry for the messed up video. On the bottom you find the youtube version…

That’s not bad form and the depth looks fine from that angle. You are starting the descent a bit forward which will result in a good morning when the weight gets heavier and your back could be tighter. Tips:

1: Get you hands in closer if you can and get your elbows pointing more straight down. This might hurt a bit at first if your shoulder mobility is lacking but it will keep you more upright.

2: Really squeeze your shoulder blades together before you unrack the bar and get really tight before you start your rep.

  1. Take a big breath before you start your rep and hold it for at least the whole rep and preferably for the whole set unless you absolutely can’t.

  2. Think piston: straight down and straight back up rather then leaning forward to start while keeping your knees spread.

  3. “5’s” day is as many as possible: you should be hitting more than 5 reps on 5’s day. Get the 5-3-1 book and read it.

Good work, keep it up.

I know it is supposed to be 5+, but that was all I had in me for the day… still dialing in technique.

and here is week 2: 3x3

the last set you see here is 112,5kg.

you look a bit stiff, your butt tucks under and your knees cave in in the last vid. So mobility work for your ankles and hips would be useful… Your form looks ok but it can be improved.

I have to come back to this again! went through another couple of cycles and this is where I am at currently…

this is the last set on the 555 week, a plus was not possible. this 122.5kg for 5.

my questions are:

  1. do I lean forward too much?
  2. if yes, how do I change that? my feet seem already pretty far forward.
  3. does my back round too much?

thanks to everyone for their time…


why doesn’t this jump up?

I suggest placing 5 pound plates under your heels or getting lifting shoes it will help you get to depth without rounding your low back.
That being said concentrate on holding your position and work your back extensions and general mobility