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Squat Video, Am I Hitting Enough Depth?


Was able to do 130kg on the smith machine, while hitting significantly below paralel. But seems like I can't go as low with even 100kg in a power rack.

And is this a full leg workout, anything I should add? (practicing front squats)

5x5 squats

5x8 dumbbell lunges

5x10 straight leg deadlift

5x15 barbell calf raises


seems pretty dang low to me.


If you're putting your feet in front of the bar in a smith machine then you will be able to go significantly lower than you would with a barbell. Most smith machines are counterbalanced too, so you'll be able to put more plates on the bar.

Squats look good. I would add some kind of leg curl or GHR for 2-3 sets, but it's not mandatory if you don't have the equipment.


Plenty deep for training purposes.


Try not to wobble around so much, shove your knees out, and keep them out.... untz untz untz :fistpump


Where are you shorts?


That's the true advantage of a homegym, barely clothed squatting. Nothing between me and the weights.

Only time I don't wear them is doing lunges and squats, it gets in the way.


I understand but just my opinion, when you do a vid, I dont want to see your package.


First reaction: he lifts in his boxers.

Second: Knees a little wobbly.

Looks low enough for me but make sure you can feel that you are using all of your muscles while squatting and that it correlates to your goals.


Plenty of depth.. Even for 1977


nice shorts I wouldn't be caught dead in them though


Next time do them naked. If your balls touch the floor you know you are low enough.


Dirk Diggler look alike.



Looks plenty deep. It is hard to tell from the front view -- but it looks like your elbows are pointing backwards when you hit bottom. Generally, you want your elbows to point down. Depending on your shoulder flexibility, a closer grip may help, and a closer grip gives a tighter back.


Plenty deep. I go to parallel or just above and it has not hindered any progress and my knees feel much better. I take a wide grip myself as if I don't it bothers my shoulders. Wide to the point sometimes I am near the plates with my hands lol.

But I assume Dirk you are going for size and look and not powerlifting?


Ha ha ha

Agreed with all other comments push the keeners out. Your upper back is starting to round forward at the bottom of the movement, keep your elbows pinned down, take a deep breath at the top, hold it in descent. And exhale from the bottom if the hole, keep your elbows pulled down