Squat Variations and Glute Activation

I started off doing Starting Strength performing high bar squats. It was a hybrid of sitting back and going as deep as I can(almost ass to grass). I had some really good glute development from doing this. So good, that it looked way out of proportion with my legs. And my ass/quads was always killing me after these squats.

Now, I switched to low bar squat and still use an emphasis on both going deep (past parallel) and sitting back. However, my glutes are losing mass quickly. I don’t feel the glutes during squats anymore, even though my squat actually increased by 15 pounds. Although, I do feel a majority in my hamstrings.

Does a deep high bar squat emphasize glutes more for anybody else?
Is low bar squat mostly hamstring and less glute?
Sounds weird, but really is true in my situation.

I was thinking the ability to go deeper activated my glutes more at the bottom.
All I feel is hamstring in low bar squat and minimal glute.

I really hope you’re at least squatting more than two plates a side that you’re asking this, because otherwise… seriously dude. Seriously.

Yeah, full squats theoretically work your glutes more, according to the glue article by that guy that keeps showing up. The same article suggested low-bar squats to parallel involve more ham and quad action. I’m pretty sure Louie Simmons and Dave Tate would disagree, pointing to how much the glute-ham raise has boosted their squats, but maybe not.

If you wanna do full squats, do them. If not, don’t. I mean, you could just do glute-bridges for ass-development, you know?

Yeah I actually do squat 2 plates. I actually hit 2 plates last Monday and I’m at 245x5 right now. Thanks for the insight, I was just wondering if anyone else could relate to me since my situation seemed weird. I’ll definitely give that article a thorough reading.