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Squat Variation for Glute Emphasis?

Pre much. It’s a shitty excuse but I take it

Single leg hip thrusts with a dumbbell are easy to do, not much equipment to mess with.

I call them Ass Blasters to sound more hard core.


Single leg RDL starting with the weak side first.

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That’s what my wife calls me.

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Ain’t easy for me. In a good way so I need to work on em

@corstijeir for both these single leg movements coordination and balance is a big factor so the weight is gonna be that much. Would it be a stimulus hypertrophy/strength wise?

How about starting with some bilateral than some unilateral e.g. 2 Sets RDL then 2 Sets Single Leg RDL or X Sets Hip Thrust + Single Leg Hip Thrust

Thoughts on staggered stance / toes

Beat me to it :rage:

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I think the “b stance” thing is fine I do something similar a lot but I always use KB or DBs. Here’s the thing, the coordination and balance is a big benefit of the single leg. While the weight may decrease you’re still going to get a good stimulus, just do it after some heavier work.

I don’t particularly like the idea of bilateral then uni on the same movements. But try it out.

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A few things I do for glutes.

  1. Hoffman isometric sumo deadlifts pulling to a low pin. I wrap a squat pad around the pin and pull into the pad for 5-10 seconds.
  2. I made a swing-bell that can be loaded up to 255 pounds. Use a wide stance and swing but just to waist level. I’ve only worked up to the mid 100s.
  3. Wide squat, squat down but only come up about 1/3 of the way for high reps 10-20.
  4. 45 degree glute ham back but hold the top for 60 seconds.
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