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Squat Troubles & How to Fix

I have never been able to squat correctly. Get below parallel without my back caving in and my knees going far over my toes. It is extremely discouraging and unmotiviating to go in and know I’m going to struggle with 135 @170 BW. I am very SOV at this point with my squat. I defiantly do not want to be that guy squatting in the smith machine or the guy leg pressing until purple in the face.

Doing 5/3/1 right now

DL - 325
Bench - 175
OH - 135
Squat - 165 (crappy form)

Thanks in advance

^Watch this for lots of good info even though it is long

Brief summary (although you should just watch it, and I mean the whole episode, because you’ll understand it better):
-Push through your heels
-Chest up
-Squat between legs with your knees going out
-Practice goblet squats

Dan John’s info is golden.

Guiness Flow thank you so much…that was golden. Actually excited to get going again.

What are your thoughts on a proper routine. Put back squats on the shelf and goblet squat for a while until I get the technique, or should I keep them in there and do goblet squat as an accessory movement?

yes this video is the reason i learned to squat.this guy is a genius
weight on the heels ,break the finger :wink: