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Squat Training Max and Wraps


I compete in a fed that allows wraps for raw lifters. I tend to do most of my squatting without though, just using wraps for my heavy days four to eight weeks out from the meet.

Obviously I’ll only be squatting once a week on 531, I just wanted to get an idea if what I’m thinking of is likely to work OK.

  1. Either use 90% of my estimated unwrapped max or use 85% of my wrapped max. Either gives a very similar number, so I’m guessing either is fine.

  2. Squat without wraps except for the last four weeks pre meet.

  3. In the pre meet period, use wraps on all the 531 sets, but only have them meet tight for the plus set.


In the pre meet four week cycle start using joker sets to re-introduce the wraps, working up to my training max and then maybe a little further if it feels good but not use wraps for the 531 sets.


Man, if I only I had written a book about this.

Use the correct TM for how you train. Put on knee wraps prior to the meet, make sure you are comfortable with wrapping, etc. You don’t put on wraps only for Jokers - this has been explained in the book and why that is not a good idea. Also, make sure you understand how long it takes to wrap, etc.

Or you can just wear knee sleeves, avoid all this shit, avoid the crap at meets and just squat.


Thanks. I’ll go back and read the book again and pay more attention. Which I should have done before asking the question.


Hey mate i dont use wraps just belt but what i plan to do when i do use wraps is this during cycles 1-5. Cycle 1-2 bbb phase no belt no wraps. Cycle 3-4 fsl 5x5 phase just belt. Cycle 5 fsl 3x5 no extra reps heavy singles on 3/1 week belt and wraps. This plan would have me getting more specific to pl the closer i get to the meet. Entirely up to the individual on what to do but this is what i plan to do.


@Shaun87 thanks for that.

I’ll re-read the book and figure it out. I suspect I’ll be OK wrapping just in my final cycle pre-meet to re-acquaint myself with them. I’ll figure it out as I go.