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Squat to Stand Drill - Question


Hi all, for those that know of this mobility exercise, if possible, i would like to know the specific muscles involved in this movement, mostly because im having a lot of posterior pain in the back of my knees for years and im sure it's related to some of the hamstring tendons connected at the back of the knee, does anyone know the specific muscles used in this drill? It would be of great help to me, for more than just the above purpose.

Thanks all!


Depending exactly where, could be your calves (soleus and/or Gastroc), IT band, One of the Quad and about three or four other that I would have to look up the name. (yeah, I had a lot of knee work)


Exactly there, i think it's semimembranous tendon? Had it for years.


I know it's a little off topic to my question, but a few things that feel good for the backs of my knees, hoping it will help indicate the problem areas?
Walking up steep hills/paths
Downward Facing Dog Pose
Lying hamstring stretch with band - raise leg to 90 degrees
From the above stretch, bend the knee as much as possible and then raise, knee feels fatigued after a few reps and i feel it in the VMO area - weak link?


Could also be the facia.

Could also be the the hamstring muscle rubbing against the calf muscle.

ART, Osteo, etc are all good ways to determine exactly what is doing the irritation.

Especially that it has been happening for years.


What's Osteo? As in Osteoarthritis? Been doing some self treatment using foam roller, tennis balls, but nothing really helping as yet.


Ive also noticed my IT bands to be tight recently, so working on those too with a foam roller, just where the blob of muscle ends near the knee, painful but going to keep at it.


Could be pes anserinus. Basically where the three tendons converge (semiten, gracilis and sartorius) can become inflamed


Yeah that's what i feel it could be, i guess it's possible to have in both knees, i noticed it about 4 years ago but it has only got worse recently so i guess it could be reasonable. How would i go about treatment for this problem? Would an MRI on my knees show anything? Or am i better asking the doc to do some palpation/physical exams, i have been stretching the hamstrings and calves by doing downward facing dog pose and some bodyweight leg extensions, and rolling IT band, but i don't feel that alone will solve it.


No idea mate... Id go see a physio regarding that.. Then they can refer you on for relevant scans and what not.