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Squat to Over 600 by the End of Next Year?


Hi, my name is Ricky Cranford, I go to Coronado High School in Colorado Springs. At school I have the school squat record with 464 lbs. before that, the record had been 439 for almost four years. My goal for the end of my senior year is to be able to squat 600 lbs. When I leave that school, I don't want anyone to even come close to taking my record. Im fairly new to powerlifting so Im not too sure what im doing or how to train. Is it possible to for me to take my squat record and push it to 600 by next year? I only use a belt and I do not use a singlet or wraps if that helps at all. And by the way, I do go down all of the way past parallel.


a video would be nice to aid in assessing form, a routine, diet, height, weight, stance ect. its possible to reach this gal depending how much time you have, but give the folks you're asking advice from something to work with.


I think I can get a video next week when I get home


Ricky you didn't mention what you can squat NOW I assume it's not better than 464 or you'd be the record holder. Even if you could squat 700# right now. What I'd do is break the record by a little bit, keep training. Then break it again and again until you top out. You'll be the guy who broke the record 5 times vs the guy who diod it once. capish?

That's what i'd do anyway.


Actually, that's what I've been doing. Half way through the first semester the record was 439 and I broke it with 445. Then before Christmas I broke it with 455. During my last testing session after spring break I broke it again with 464. I just want to start training for 600 over this summer.


How much do you weigh? 136 lbs on a single lift in one year is a lot I think. I'm not saying it can't be done as long as you aren't under the 220 class. Otherwise it's a hell of a long shot, imo, because you would have to be the all time world champion for drug tested and raw, at 181 as an example, just to reach your goal. I like your attitude, it reminds me of me when I was that age, and this age.


Eat a lot
Squat a lot

When do you graduate?


Your FULL squat is beastly. It's realistic to expect anywhere from 500 pounds to 540 pounds within 2 years.

Go switch to olympic weightlifting. Most of the guys in here will only fuck up your training.


LOL youre always so mad, why why why so mad?

RICKY - you want 600? go get 600. It seems to me that you are already putting weight on your squat with what you are doin, so keep it up.


On second thought, why not regadless of your weight. After all Ian Bell is ranked 1st in single ply deadlift at 198 with 788lbs. From what I've gathered a single ply poly will give your deadlift 20lbs max so his max should be at or above the 751 all time drug tested raw record, but he is 17. There's no reason why you can't do something similar, especially if you have the attitude for it. I don't think switching to olympic lifting is a good idea, i.e. what Dixie said.


I graduate on May 26th, 2012


Right now Im weighing 246 with 16% bodyfat. Im trying to cut down to 7% because I want to compete for natural bodybuilding. But thanks dude, I take this stuff to heart and it means a lot


Cutting down is going to impede your ability to gain strength. Just something to keep in mind.


Cutting down is contradictory to your original goal. Both are good goals but you need to decide which is more important to you... a bodybuilding trophy, or a squat record. Squating 600 within one year is not going to be easy. You may have to gain some weight to do it.


Damn. I wish I could have gotten even close to a 600 lb squat before my Senior year was over. All you Coronado kids are crazy athletes, especially those on your wrestling team.


haha thanks dude. Im starting varsity this year for wrestling so we'll see how crazy I can be


yeah if you really want it, cutting is gonna fuck you over faster than anything else


What weight are you wrestling?


Im going to be wrestling at Heavy Weights


Good luck. Just missed wrestling Medberry.