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Squat to Deadlift Numbers



This week I went to Gym to test my 1RM in the squat & bench, and somehow I only benched 90kgx1 (~198LBS) and squatted 130kgx1 (~286LBS).

About August, my numbers were like 225LBSx3 in the bench. I never really tested my squat, but my dl was aound 390LBSx1.

This was really fucked up.

Is it normal that my DL and squat numbers are that much differently?

How come my bench got so much lower?



Without knowing what you've been doing between 1RM testing sessions, no one can answer why your bench went down, but clearly - you're doing something wrong. You'll need to identify what your weakness is in the bench and fix it. Stuck on the chest? Can get it off the chest but can't lock it out? Set up is no good? out of the groove? these are things you need to know...

Yes, it's not uncommon for DL to be around 100lbs above squat.


I agree that the DL is often higher than the squat.

I always take squat numbers with a grain of salt. How much you do is really a function of two things:
1. How strong you are
2. How low you go

If you are doing ATG olympic style squats, then I would expect the DL numbers to be significantly higher. I'm about 60-80 lbs different and I just break parallel, not atg.


going from a 225 triple to a 200 single is


you went from a 225 triple to a 200 single in less then 2 months ?

did you lose an arm or something ?

but seriously , thats a huge loss . a 225 trip probably works out to a 245/250 single . you're right , thats fucked up


Check your form. I lost 25lbs off my bench in 2 months because I forgot how to do it correctly. After about a week off fixing it my numbers shot back up. It turns out holding the bar so its not putting all the pressure on your thumbs helps alot!


My squat and deadlift are always about the same. I squat to just below parallel. Train for powerlifting not olympic lifting so I don't really see the need to go ATG. If your dead is a lot higher than your squat it might show that your back/posterior chain is a lot stronger than your hips/thighs.


yeah i go atg.


yeah i know, and honestly I am pretty pissed. all i can hop efor is that my muscle memory won't leave me in the dust here.


yeah I will, i think i know what i did wrong, i lifted bodybuilding style and my 225 triple was achieved doing powerlifting style. hopefully i can get back.


i squat atg. so you think i should focus more on single leg squats? to get more strength trough an quad dominant exercise?


nah i think i should just hit the squat harder again. but you know what the most f***** up thing is? my gym doesn't have a freaking power rack!!!! how stone age middle age whatever age can you be???


I've got a similar gap to yours in the squat and dl. 335 conventional dead with an overhand grip, 225 in the back squat atg olympic style.


It has been a long time since I have truly squated ATG, so I don't really have good advice on what assistance exercises to try.


i had my atg squat up to 300 once...but well if you not really squat anymore for maximal strnegth, there is no need to wonder. but we will see what happens. i might post a special log on my in-season lifting. to show that you can make true gains even during a sports season.