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Squat Tips/Form Check?


just curious about form
trying to fond problems but not experienced enough to find them and better to find problems early


edit: i know depth was a little questionable but thats usually not a problem


It’s not terrible. I would work on your set up a bit. Get tight before you descend. Get your feet set, squeeze your ass, tighten your stomach and flex your lats, then descend.


thanks any info helps


I agree that it’s not terrible, but the good news is that’s there’s a lot of room for improvement and to get better.

The biggest thing I see is that you’re kind of folding like an accordion. You really need to get your knees out more. Think of your hips being slung in between your legs. Pick one or two or these cues that often helps:
-screw your feet into the floor
-spread the floor with your feet
-push your knees outs
This will also help keep your knees from going so far forward and help you stay more upright.

You might want to sit back some more. I’d at least learn how to do it and decide if you want go with it or not. Right now, you don’t sit back much at all. That’s not necessarily wrong, but you are on the far end of the spectrum in that regard. It’s just something to think about.

Be sure to arch your upper back hard and keep it super tight. I think you might find it easier to do if you pull your elbows down and forward some. If this irritates your wrist, elbows, and/or shoulders just widen your grip some and maybe start doing some mobility work.


thanks for the tips


Not bad, you need to improve a little. keep working hard


Go with Fletch’s suggestions: tightness and knees.

There’s lots of videos online about setup, like Chris Duffin’s stuff. They talk about getting set up before unracking by bracing yourself as if someone is going to drop an anvil on you and you need to brace for the impact/weight. There’s a million different coaching cues all directed toward tightness. For me, a big lift is won or lost before the unrack.

As for knees you may want to play a bit with stance. I’m a raw squatter and go a bit wider than you and turn my toes out more and concentrate on driving my knees out.


i have another thread with squat form so go check that one my form has improved drastically so i would appreciate feedback on that video