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Squat Thoughts... Volume

I have been tinkering around with a squat routine…I have read a lot on the subject and tried out different things in the gym.

I don’t feel that routines like 5x5…or…1x20 (squats and milk) give me enough volume to make gains. For me, gains are more muscle mass and decreased body fat…I weigh 215 and don’t intend to get any heavier.

Anyway, I read up on the different volume training routines and liked what I saw (more volume!).

So what I have ended up doing for squats is 4x20. I walk for about 3-5 minutes between sets. I am progressively fatigued after each set…and get a lil lightheaded when I am all done. Don’t worry, I won’t pass out. For me, this routine seems to make the most of my squatting days.

I don’t have any questions. Just throwing this out there if anyone cares to comment or wants to try something different.

personally i never liked doing more than six reps on one set of squat. I usually keep it b/n 3 and 6 reps cuz i like going heavy. this approach has been giving me some good strength gains.

4x20 seems stupid, i don’t know if you’ll get stronger doing that but i’ve never done that much volume so maybe i wouldnt know

I hear what you are saying.

I just didn’t feel like 5x5 with more weight was getting the job done.

I might try alternating the heavy weights and the heavy volume to keep things interesting.

I don’t think you’re doing it right if you feel like 1x20 or 5x5 doesn’t provide enough stimulation.

Should you be doing other leg work besides squats? yes. Lunge variations, etc.

And it’s not about liking what you saw, it’s about what works to help achieve your goals. You should be experimenting, but don’t forget to give something time to work. Do some evaluation after a few months and see what has happened. Did you get stronger? Did you get bigger? Did nothing happen? Did you get weaker? etc.