'Squat Therapy from Poland' Article?

Hi Coach Thib,

I’ve ran your Squat Therapy from Poland program that you had posted in 2017 on your site and had great results using it as an accumulation phase. The article appears to no longer be accessible, unfortunately.

I know you have a more balanced and nuanced view of GVT than many coaches and your thinking has evolved over time. Is this still an approach that you would recommend as a accumulation phase for squatting? I personally loved the program and think it would make a great T Nation article.

Thank you!

It’s not something I wrote. It was a guest article by a friend of mine from Poland Wojciech Jusiel

My apologies, Coach! I read the citation as a collaboration between you and Wojciech. It would be great to see him writing for T Nation.

Is the program something you would recommend personally?

No. Too much volume for most.