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Squat Technique


Hello everyone...

Here's the quick version of my story...lifted all throughout high school as a football player, started running after high school and did that whole thing for about three years (went from 190 pounds to 160 pounds, and was actually a pretty good runner), but have recently returned to lifting off and on for the past two years. I have finally gotten into a consistent routine and have been seeing some decent strength gains, and am back up to 185-190 pounds.

Current maxes:
- bench press - 250
- squat - 280
- deadlift - 300
- press - 155

My present issue is my squat form. I have taken tons of videos of myself squatting and feel like I have gotten to a decent place with my form, but I always like to stay true to myself so I want to see what you guys think. I have posted a video of myself squatting 260 pounds for four reps.

The questions I have for you guys:
- am I going deep enough?
- is the forward movement of my knees really a big deal? I have read so many differing opinions on this matter. Personally, I have never had any knee pain whatsoever, and several of the videos I have watched of people squatting have clear forward tracking of their knees over their toes.
- any and all critique would be gladly taken!


There's already some things I could critique but it would be easier if you had a video from the posterior and anterior angles (front and back). The knee angle isn't very extreme, but as a general rule of thumb people like to say to keep them behind your toes, which I'm sure you've been told many times. Unfortunately, regardless of how much pain you experience your knees are still going to be at risk. As a temporary fix, you might want to squat with plates under your heels.


For next video, get rid of the belt.

Your low back is weak. What program are you using?

Your first is no bad, but by the fourth, I thought it was breathing squats. Deload and work on your weakness


It looks "ok". You do have some pretty far forward knee travel, and if I had to guess, it's affecting you hitting depth due to lack of ankle flexibility. Widening your stance should help a bit with that; but I can't see how wide your stance already is.

I have no idea what JFG is going on about. Don't "deload". Don't stop using a belt; infact, I recommend you buy a proper powerlifting style 10mm belt. How long you took to do the set was perfectly fine.



Why do you think his lower back is weak? I see no issues whatsoever.

And what's wrong with breathing squats? 280lbs is no walk in the park.

Looks like OP is able to maintain a tight core throughout the entire set. Your knees aren't that big of an issue. Although if I were to nitpick, I would push the hips back further. Also, try descending slower to maintain better control of the weight.

your right heel pops up
try stretching your soleus prior to working sets

With that said, looks good and well done.