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Squat Technique Check

Hello, I recently improved my squat numbers but I would like to know if technique is “OK”.

180 kg for 2 reps

205 kg

210 kg (462 lbs)

Looks fine to me. Is there anything in particular that you are concerned about?

I noticed that I slow down at bottom / mid range of squat. How can I improve that?

Just to clarify, you mean to say you slow down while coming back up? That should be expected in a max lift. If the only way you can lift your max or near max is quickly, then that would tell me you need to learn to commit to straining when the weight slows. Max and near max lifts shouldn’t look fast.

One thing that might help though… your elbows are pretty high. No matter what, you will apply some amount of force into the bar through your hands in the direction your arms are connected to the bar. With high elbows, that direction is forward, so you end up having your arms wanting to force the bar forward while your back is working to push it backwards. I would recommend working to get your elbows more under the bar so that out of the bottom you can use your hands to push the weight up and back, rather than forward.

That was very helpful tasty_nate, thank you.

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