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Squat Technique Check


Good morning all,
So last week I posted a video of me squatting for a heavy single that was nowhere near low enough, today I had a buddy film a set of 10 with 315 so I could get a better view of my working sets and see what can be fixed, depth in these felt much better, but I believe something is a little off. I believe on my deeper sets I am "butt winking?"

Not sure how to fix this but want to improve my technique to help avoid injuries and get better. Weight felt light but something seems wrong. Any advice. I apologize if the video posts sideways, I haven't had any luck solving this.


Looks fine to me bro. Nice squattin.


Nice squat, but yes there are a few things you could tweak. I can’t be sure because of the angle of the video but it doesn’t look like you have your upper back locked in. The other thing I see is that you have following that chest high command a little too much, which is causing that arch in your lower beck at the bottom. But overall you have great strength, just work on keeping your back tighter, and concentrate on keeping your lower beck flatter and not throwing your hips at the bottom.


Looks pretty decent. You drop into the hole pretty fast, though - is that just with wraps or do you always drop fast? I’ve found a slower, controlled descent works much better for me; but, I’m not a particularly springy lifter so if you are that might be different. The one thing I find most helpful with a slower descent is that I can stay much tighter, which is key when the load gets heavier.


Looks fine to me. As Mark said, experiment with a lower descent. It may or may not be for you; just give it a try and see for yourself.


Thanks for the replies, I guess with heavier weights I typically descend slower this was just feeling pretty light for a change. The thing I notice and I’m not sure if its just me, but it looks like on my later reps when I start to get fatigued, my hips are almost rising too fast for my upper body to catch up? It almost puts me in a “good morning” position.

I’ve been fighting this for a few years now but never really asked if anybody else noticed it. I guess keeping my upper body tighter and slowing down a bit might help. I’ll give it a shot on my next back squat day and see what happens.


Working on back strength will help too. Good mornings could help, so would conventional DL and barbell rows as well as pull ups. I used to have a similar problem.