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Squat Technique Analysis

I bought Jonnie Candito’s technique analysis last Wednesday and still haven’t heard back. Can some experts take a look and see what I can improve upon in my squat?

Currently 196lbs, max is 355-360.


  1. On heavy weight, not enough depth, and 2. Excessive forward lean. This is what I

The last 2 vids looked nice. The vids before those look like your breaking up the movement into stages or something. Your rate of torso leaning goes way up as you enter the hole, then you shoot your hips up and back and your knees back and kind of good morning the weight up.

So whatever you did for the last vids, I work on keeping that up and being more consistent with that kind of form.

Candito is a far superior lifter than me so if something I say contradicts what he says, please take his advice. Also, if he does say something real different, it’s be cool if you posted it here b/c I’d like to know for my own analysis of my form.

Good luck!

I’d recommend not looking at the ground. Taking a slightly wider stance, making sure you activate your glutes and twist your feet outward through the ground opening up your hips.

Breath into your stomach, not into your lungs. Pull the air down, pressing your belly out flexing your abs like filling a balloon.

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Do you think my quads are weak too which causes my hips to shoot up and good morning the weight up?

I think initially it’s a technique issue. The head down tends to lead to forward lean, squeezing your glutes and twisting your feet into the ground opens your hips up and will allow for better depth, bracing the core properly will result in more stability.

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