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squat tech

I’m stuck at 430 for squat, and just last week I finally (or so I thought) pinpointed my weakness. My leg and glute strength is plenty strong enough to handle bigger loads, but my back always gives out at the bottom of the lift, causing the weight to track forward. So I started doing heavy good mornings to correct the weakness. However, I just read that good morning strength should be at least sixty percent of one rep max, which is about 260, I can rep 275 for three reps and I’ve only been working the heavy GMs for a week. Could my problem be something else, help would be appreciated.

How about abs?

Give us more info. Where are your feet? Where is the bar placed on your back? Do you wear a belt? How low do you really go? Do you flex your abs, or push them out? Are you tall or short? That’s enough questions from me for now.

Mmmmm, let’s see my feet are a little wider than shoulder width and pointed outwards (otherwise the stress on my knees is too great), I only wear a belt when going for max lifts or close toe them, I push out with my abs against the belt at the bottom of the lift and I go a little below paralell.

I used to squat just like you and got stuck at 430 too. The Dave Tate article on Box Squats brought me up to 495. Sounds to me like you squat more like a bodybuilder. I’m not saying thats bad, it’s just one way to do things. You still didn’t say where you place the bar. If you have it high, maybe you could place it lower. Tate explains this in his articles. Also, it took me a long time to get my feet as wide as the squat rack. Lots of stretching,and each week I squatted, I put my feet 1/2 to an inch wider. Hurt like hell, but ultimately worth it. Best of luck.

It depends on how deep your good mornings are. Bob Youngs and Louie Simmons both say the bar should be below your balls. It takes some time to get used to holding the bar on your neck but the benfits are much greater. I would also try seated good mornings on a bench or box for your max days good morning squats are good too.