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Squat Suit Straps Preventing Good Bar Position?

So I have had the Inzer LUP for a few months but have been having a lot of trouble with the straps and the bar positioning. It’s the thickness of the straps that have made it hard to get in my “back shelf”. My grip is my middle finger on the ring and I have no trouble other than this with the suit. My question is should I bring in my grip or just put the bar higher on my back.

Find what works for you. The suit always slightly changes the bar positioning so you need to find a new position that works straps up.

I’ll definitely do some experimenting, thank you.

I cant wait to go equipped. Do you have a training log?

Sorry i’m new here I do not yet have on posted

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Actually I just started one so if u want to check it out u can

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Sounds good!

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