Squat Suit Benefits/Disadvantages

Quick question…Is there any benifit of training in a squat suit…i.e cary over to my raw squat??? Also is there any disadvantage…been thinking about adding one just for the safety factor,but using it with the straps down…Thanks in advance for any help…Jack

a p’lifter with limited experience ,such as myself , might say that regularily training in a suit will make you a better suited lifter…but not necessarily make you any stronger in the hole

but I could be wrong . but I train raw up until closer to a meet…or until I want to test my suited max…which aint that often

If you are going to compete in a squat suit, then get one, if not save your money. Squatting in a suit will adapt your CNS (central nervous system) to heavier weights, but you can do the same thing with reverse band squats, static holds, or partial squats. If you train in gear all the time you can loose some raw strength at the bottom of the squat.

I don’t see much need for a squat suit for a non-powerlifter.

Briefs are a another story. I maintain that briefs can make a big difference in how beat-up you feel. Even if I didn’t compete, I would squat in briefs. I think you on kind of on same track with using a suit straps-down. Either way- briefs or usigng a suit straps-down- I think you will find these easy to use without the big technique learning curve you can have with a suit.

Thanks alot for the advice. I was thinking that squating in a suit would help overload the muscles plus help with the safety factor.i planned on using it like knee wraps just on the heavy sets and thought that an extra 50 pounds on the bar might help with some muscle growth.Anyway my squat is nothing crazy so i’ll stay raw for a while longer…Jack