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Squat Stronger Than Deadlift


My squat is stronger than my deadlift and always has been. My squat PR is 315x9 and my deadlift PR is 370x3. I know that !RM calculators arent the end all be all, but this puts my squat and deadlift at 405 and 390 respectively. I have been training the squat and deadlift for an equal amount of time. I will post the videos of the PR's and if you could please critique my form it would be appreciated.




And theres my weak deadlift. What gives?


This is what Jim wrote on the 531 Facebook group yesterday when someone asked this exact question:

"Just train both hard and don't concern yourself with this stuff. It's just the way it is for many people - focus on the process and being great. When you do that EVERYTHING falls into place. Life, live and lifting."


Can you actually squat 370 for 3? I would have said your deadlift is stronger. Anyway, I wouldn't say it's anything to worry about. Just keep training both so that you have a strong squat and deaflift, isn't that what matters?


Like VT said, some people are just like that.

Depending on your levers (body portions), you might be better with Sumo also. So it might not hurt to give it a try for a training cycle. Even if you find sumo is weaker, you will come back to conventional with stronger hips and you will be stronger in conventional from it.


Ive never tried it but Im sure I could. My squat has always been better than my dead.


Don't worry about it. Just keep lifting.


I think it means you should do crossfit....



I'm the opposite my squat is shit compared to my deadlift lol. Just keep lifting dude.


If your raw squat is bigger than your raw deadlift, you obviously like butt sex with trannies, so sayeth no one.

Seriously, its no big deal.

Either keep training and gettin stronger, or puss out and quit.


if your worried about your dead train it more than your squat, otherwise just shut up and train.


Yeah, this. 1RM estimates are one thing, weight you've actually put up is another. Call your squat stronger when you actually squat more than you deadlift.


I have a similar problem but more so from the fact I never trained Deads and had a weak lower back from back injury. I had the same thought process until I started training Deads with a purpose and although I havn't tested my lifts I feel stronger on the DL now. Only now I'm paranoid about my squat being weak.

It seems to me you are training each lift with different intentions. Why max reps with 315 on squat and 370 for DL? Why not use same weight and test it? Anyway. Keep training and you will see results. Find a solid program and stick to it.


My best sumo DL is 200kg x1, and 170kg x5; best squat 120kg x1, and 115kg x5; best trap bar DL 205KG with a 2" handled trap bar.

Huge differences here - you're not the only one! It is obvious that (whilst I am an ectomorph, and a 6.2 one at that), my body structure is more suited to the DL. I was actually dead lifting 300LB within a few months of training with weights back when I weighed 180LB (I've had a litany of lower back problems which explains the small increase over my training career), yet I still can't do a parallel squat with 300LB now.

If you use a solid program like 5/3/1 or WSB (I prefer WSB) and eat like a mother-fucker you cannot fail to make progress in both, and like many people, the progress will not be equal in both, but progress is progress, and you're either making it or you're not :wink:


This, and x2 that it doesn't really matter.

FWIW, the only person I know that legitimately raw squats more than he pulls weighs 330 at 5'8". He's too fat to get to the bar comfortably, so he can only pull 620, but he squats ~650.


Damn lol I was hoping someone would point out a flaw in my deadlift technique that would add 50 lbs to my PR.

Obviously Ill continue to train both hard


There's nothing particularly wrong about your deadlift from what's visible in the video. From what's been shown, I doubt your squat is actually higher than your deadlift. If you think there's a legitimate issue with your deadlift, then address that the main focus of the thread. Don't expect things that you don't ask for. The focus of this thread at the moment isn't an issue. Keep lifting hard, and if you ever run into a problem, feel more than free to inquire on the forums.


Add me to that list...I don't have any excuses--im just a very bad deadlifter haha


Hey here’s two things that while might not add 50 pounds to your dead will add at least 20
1 watch your shoulders and butt your shoulders should be above the bar not in front of it and second that but should be further down pulling your shoulders to on top of bar
2 how wide are your feet because i normally do a fist width apart and was at 405 max now my feet are where the knurling in the bar starts and my hands are a little out side my feet and i am at 455 max
Those are just my 2 tips