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Squat Strength


I have been doing quite well with using the box squats for increasing squat strength (wide stance), now I was wondering how I would increase the closeer stand ass to grass squat? as this squat goes lower than wide stance I have thought in the past that more of the quads are used especially on the bottom (grass) to parallel. It just seems the boxsquat isn't as effective for activating the bottom motion of hte exercise..... any advice on how I could bring this up?


Use a lower box?


My deep close stance squat rose in direct proportion to my wide-parallel box squat-before I tore my ACL and couldn't quite get to rock bottom since.


Once you go past parallel, squats become more of a posterior chain exercise. Need to strengthen up your glutes. Some ways to do so are ditch the box, and actually go deep. You'll have to drop the weight some, but you should be able to build strength pretty quickly. Split squats, Bulgarian squats, and walking lunges will also help build posterior chain strength.


I hate box squats and have seen many training partners get injured doing them...I know the Westside guys swear by them, and they are great, but the compete WPO and APF which allows a MONOLIFT and double canvas suits in competition, I compete USAPL which makes you walk out and back in and only wear single poly with very strict depth judges, SO you cant recove from a all out max squat with your feet wide then on one leg at a time bring your feet together and walk back in, so I have found more benefit doing squat unloads on the pins in a safety rack with close stance, and gave some good results.
I also do very wide squats every once in a while to keep the flexibility and make sure I dont only train in 1 plane.
Also good morning squats, I know that they suck to do but really nail the hips.
Hope this helps


A bit confused about your post sorry, so how do your teammates injure themselves on the boxsquat? or are you saying that without the monolift it would be dangerous to walk out and spread legs wide for setup before squatting?


How are we supposed to squat..I'm getting more and more confused..right now I squat a bit wider than shoulder width because its more of an athletic position and i go past parallel..all that other shit like..super wide..how is that possible to do..it definaetly hurts the hips and you always come out slow when your at parallel..im getting confused.



Wide stance squat work better with a slingshot attached to your ass. Seriously, when squatting wide you should at least wear some briefs, to save your hips.


so without squatbriefs its pretty easy hurting hips doing wide stance?


Their is more risk than closer stances that's for sure, just try and see.


This is the answer you've been looking for, right here.


I'd agree with this, too. I'd add that in the past I had good results doing front hack squats (face against the head rest), going all the way down and banging against the bottom. Those really strengthened my backside and made me more stable at the bottom of my squats.


I second that!


INJURIES- strained patella tend., strained groin, one hero I know(Ill leave his name out) even blew up hip whole hip, unloads 550 on box hears loud pop, BINGO he is now an EX-powerlifter.

I know that the exercises are performed buy many of the sports greats but my experience is they dont work for me(Itried) and seen bunch of tough dudes get fucked up. So people like sniffing salts, I hate those too.

As for a monolift- under max effort, they probably are "safer" but I dont have access to one and We cant use them in competetion.
What about the squat unloads? 2 pins , more balance, compression off spine.


front squats


How about box squats but without an ultrawide stance? less chance of injuries?