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Squat Strength

After tearing my cartilage in my left knee in august 08 I had a partial menisectomy and began weight training and returning to running/playing rugby. Then mid january 09 the injury curse strikes again and I bruise the femur of the left leg and damage the cartilage on the end of the femur. 3 months later and with docs approval I have began running and weights on legs again after doing physio - mostly bodyweight/single leg squats I found that my squat has gone down 40kg’s from january.

I know that the best advice is just to stick at it until i reach my old numbers but i was just wondering whether you lot had any other ideas that could help me speed up the process?

Still plug at it and rest when necessary. You will hate yourself if you push it to much and injure again, and this time injure beyond proper repair.

Have you looked into supplements like MSM, glucosamine, and chondroitin? These products have been studied for joint health and repair.

ive been looking at cod liver oil capsules, pretty cheap and simple to use and apparently can reduce and even reverse the effects of arthritis - i have been assured i will probably develop arthritis in later life after part of my lateral meniscus was shaved off.


Sorry to not state this, the supplement(s) I listed above all come in one convenient tablet form and helps the symptoms associated with arthritis. Also look into fish oils as well such as Flameout, sold here on T-Nation.

Jason Pegg at some point recommended Cissus Quadrangularis… similar to the effects of glucosamine/chondroitin/msm, but apparently more potent and faster acting.