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Squat Sticking Point


I maxed out on free weight only, a smidgen below parallel box squats and my sticking point was maybe about 8 inches out of the hole (bottom of my hams were just above parallel with the ground). I wasn't leaning forward at all, I just didn't have the leg or hip drive I needed.

What's the best ME and supplementary work for this?


probably a form issue, focus on driving your hips forward at the top in all lower body movements(deads, GM's) like your goin balls deep on your girl. take a look at Ano's training log over on elite and look at some of the vids. all his guys really pop their hips forward at the top of everything.


It felt more like losing momentum once I got the pop out of the hole. And I would say it felt like I lost power in a transition point between the bottom 1/3 of the lift and the middle 1/3 of the lift. Not so much the top lock out. I've never had anything close to a problem in the top 1/3 of the lift. Once I get it there, it soars. I think I know what you mean and I do focus on it, but I'll go ahead and check out those vids.

edit: What I've thought of so far are high box squats and step ups. And of course better form is always something to strive for.


Also try pause squats, pause for 3 seconds at parallel or just below parallel. Sounds like you might have some Isometric strength issues.


I'll go against the grain here and say you just need to get stronger period. Assuming it's not a technique problem, there will always be a sticking point in a raw SQ. It sounds like you slow down after using a stretch reflex to drive you out of the hole.

This is pretty typical and doesn't necessarily signify any particular weakness. The only thing you might consider are some pause squats to strengthen the bottom of the lift so you don't rely too heavily on stretch reflex to get you out of the hole. If you are able to drive harder out of the hole and add the stretch reflex on top of it, you are less likely to slow down as much at that sticking point.

Edit: Missed that this was a box SQ. The above would apply in a free SQ. I would tend to agree with the reply about rolling forward off the box if this is your sticking point on a box SQ.


Do you have a vid because the issue may have to do with the box. Many people hit the box, relax a bit on it, then roll forward up off the box, with great momentum off the box, but not too much after that initial push.


No vid. I'd have to buy a camera (no camera/camcorder option on my cell) and that's out of my budget atm. I know about the rolling forward thing, but I'm pretty sure I went straight up.


How about bottom up pin squats. I think it would be easier to do an ME set with that then pause squats.


I do Zerchers, really focus on moving the weight with your hips. Stand as wide as you comfortably can. You won't need much weight either. If you have an old shitty olympic bar, take the sleeve off of one end and use it like an Elite fts stone trainer. Put 2 or 3 plates on it and pick up the weight atlas stone style. I guarantee your hips will get stronger.


+1 on the stronger in general. hows your quad strength? have you been hitting quads enough in your accessory work? try the power squat or weighted hip thrusts.



also try doing some work with chains...lots and lots of chains. That will help with your explosion out of the hole