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Squat Sticking Point (Video)


hi there,

missed my squat at the middle.
I filmed it so here is the video for your enjoyment.


which accessories would you choose to overcome my sticking point?

thanks and greetz


I would work your way through this thread:

If your answer wasn’t in the 150+ posts you could share your video and get personal critiques on it as many others have from Amit.


I think you just need to get stronger, the weight was simply too heavy. Your technique didn’t break down from what I can see.

If you want an assistance exercise, try squats paused above parallel - descend like usual but stop just above parallel and hold that position for a second or two then finish the rep.


On second thought, I notice your elbows went up just before you failed. Did your upper back round too? I can’t see due to the camera angle. If that’s the case then SSB squats, front squats, rows, and upper back good mornings can help.


Happy to help however I can - post into the forum and I’ll get right back to you!


I would recommend other things before pause squats. Ive always been under the impression that that was a good way to get a hernia.


How do you figure? Pause squats are one of the most popular squat assistance exercises and I have never heard of anyone getting a hernia from them.


Honnestly have no proof to back that statement up. The guy who told me that really helped all my other lifts so I just kinda took him at his word.


I took a look at many freeze frames at the moments before and during where the weight was lost and I noticed that the elbows got wobbly and the weight was every so slightly going back and forth with the elbow movement.

I think that is an upper back thing.

As far as what to, I don’t have anything to add.


Just read a post talking about half reps in squats, try some quarter squats after your main lift squats. It only makes sense to work in the range of motion that you got stuck in right ? Good luck sir