Squat Stance

Trying to figure my pulling / squatting stance. I know a lot of people pull a bit narrow then jump their feet out wider for the catch, but I basically need to squat it up anyway, if I want my torso to be upright.

My knees can’t come forwards from my toes anymore. They can go out more to the sides, okay, though

I find that shoulder width stance (or slightly wider) with the feet flared/toes pointed out (about 45 degrees) permits the greatest depth/the most upright torso to be achieved.

thanks. i’ve heard that, too.

since i’m female, though, my shoulders aren’t as wide as most guys, and my hips are wider.

i’ve been wondering whether i should widen up my stance since i’ve given up trying to emulate the lifting styles of short legged male lifters.

the wider stance in the vids feels to me like it is much wider than it looks in the vids…

it does allow me to have a more upright torso (good). it does feel more stable for the catch (good). it feels weaker (bad) but maybe that is because i simply haven’t developed the strength in that stance and it could be the potential for strength is greater.

it feels harder for me to keep my lumbar arch with my torso being more upright, though. i also think i might have some femur tracking issues with the wider stance (frog style pulling also feels a bit weird like that with my femur being externally rotated). some weird tension in the front of my femur / hip when i activate my glutes (hard to do that). maybe my muscles will adapt to that position or maybe it isn’t suited to the way my femur / pelvis aligns…

doesn’t look crazy wide, though, does it? does it look better?