Squat Stance: Wide vs Close for Tight Hips/Ankles

I just bought some Adidas Powerlifts due to my tight ankles, they’ve helped a bit although I think I need a higher heel to get the full benefit, I’m JUST hitting parallel with them on. I think I have really tight hips because when I squat with a closer stance I cannot go as low but my hips don’t hurt/feel weird, when I use a wide stance I can go low but I get a pain on the inside of my legs and in my hips.

Any suggestions? I do a dynamic warmup: 10 side leg swings, 10 forward/back leg swings, foam roll my quads and hamstrings, then I do some warmup sets with the bar, then 135, 185, then my working sets are with 225 of 3-5 reps. Any suggestions? Am I just not warming up thoroughly? I don’t have these hip problems with deadlifts, only squats. Any help would be much appreciated! I’m 6’2 about 205lbs.

stretch the calves brah

Google and check out Defranco’s Agile 8.

Work on doing stretches for your ankles (flexion), rectus femoris, and also the piriformis.

Sit into the “Garland Pose” for about 45-60 seconds a couple times before squatting and also do it every day.

Continue to foam role at least twice a day for awhile.

I would just squat with a medium stance or whatever is most comfortable for you. Remember, this all will take time to get better and just do research on the above.

Ok thanks guys! The help is much appreciated.

Post a video of your squat, preferably with heavy weight so any form issues can be seen.

I know that when I recently began adding squats back into my workouts after 20 years of not working out, mobility issues were everywhere. When I had hip pain it was due to my not ‘splitting the floor’ to open up my knees. By not focusing on opening the knees, my knees would cave coming out of the hole and put most of the load on the ligaments, tendons and muscles in my hips. Working on mobility: agile 8, third world squat, watching every video on technique and trial and error, has helped a lot.

Ok I’ll post a video of my squat tomorrow.

Lee Boyce has an article on here about how to assess proper squat width… might be worth checking out.